2020. Huh.

2020. Huh.

Okay. So it's still 2020. There must be good things in 2020. I know some great people that have had babies and gotten married and had some special times this year. My plan had been to mention a discount in this post, but I can't cheapen it, so I am separating the posts. Fyi. You didn't need to know that, but I needed to say it. 

While the world is crazy, I've taken the opportunity to teach my kids about respect for others, making healthy choices, resilience, and that it is all of our job to fight hatred. To understand the significance and why we say that black lives matter. To understand why we should question authority, that our voices are an important part of making change. To understand that all humans are unique and our differences should be celebrated, our identities honored. That we have lost so many lives to a terrible pandemic, and we will do our part to protect our fellow humans. 

I work in healthcare. In that part of my life, I make a difference where and how I can. But in this world, the world of romance, the fictional world of fate and true love, delicious stories can be an escape, a quiet hope that there is love in all of us... and a steamy distraction.  

I hope you and those you love are healthy and well. For those affected by so much of the difficulty of the year, my thoughts and love are with you. 

~ Carrie