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All the Days After, 1st in the Foothills Romance Series

Yes, I'm straying from Seaview for the moment. Sometimes, a book is just bursting from the brain and has to be written. So, this is one of those stories that just wrote itself. A bit different of a pace, the Foothills series is about people finding themselves, finding their path. And, falling for the people they probably shouldn't... but can't quite resist.

All the Days After is about Sophie & Asher. Sophie has a horrible aunt that just won't leave her alone, and Sophie so desperately wants to be normal. Asher recently left the Navy after 8 years as a SEAL and is trying to find his place back in his hometown of Foothills, Washington. As there must always be a glitch... Asher was a bit reckless in his younger days and may have broken a lot of hearts in his wake. His sister's friends in particular. As his sister's best friend, Sophie is off limits.

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