Dawn of a new day, right? As we move into 2021, hope is not just on the horizon, but is officially here. A long way to go, but that feeling that everything is going to be okay? I can taste it. Although, a white blanket of snow would brighten myContinue Reading

Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Google Play Kobo Smashwords Bookshop Other (via Books2Read) What better way to throw out the old year and bring in the new? All the Days After on MEGA-SALE. Okay, it sounds cooler when cool words like MEGA-SALE are involved, right? Either way – BIG featureContinue Reading

Okay. So it’s still 2020. There must be good things in 2020. I know some great people that have had babies and gotten married and had some special times this year. My plan had been to mention a discount in this post, but I can’t cheapen it, so I amContinue Reading

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Weird, weird times. Not to stress anyone out… we’re all stressed enough. But here we are anyway. It’s on your mind. It’s on my mind. COVID-19. Thanks to everyone that is following the WHO, CDC, and local health departments on what you can do to help. My spouse and IContinue Reading

I was reading a review that got me thinking. How much steaminess is too much? How much is too little? Everyone has entirely different taste on the subject, I suppose. But it also comes down to your mood. Honestly, mine depends on my stress level, how sleepy I am, andContinue Reading