Weird, weird times. Not to stress anyone out… we’re all stressed enough. But here we are anyway. It’s on your mind. It’s on my mind. COVID-19. Thanks to everyone that is following the WHO, CDC, and local health departments on what you can do to help. My spouse and IContinue Reading

I was reading a review that got me thinking. How much steaminess is too much? How much is too little? Everyone has entirely different taste on the subject, I suppose. But it also comes down to your mood. Honestly, mine depends on my stress level, how sleepy I am, andContinue Reading

Wa-hoo! Running Home is available for your listening pleasure. Fyi, it’s often discounted if you’ve already bought the ebook. Whispersyncable, all that good stuff. Excellent narration by your favorite Australian, Geoffrey Boyes (narrator of Chasing Forever) will melt your mind as you get lost in love and adventure. Be sureContinue Reading

Enjoy listening to tunes while you read? Ever wonder what tunes an author is rocking out to when writing that fight scene, that steamy scene, or when an 80’s montage is just asking to blast from the speakers? (Okay, so maybe you haven’t pictured the 80’s montage, but I’ve alwaysContinue Reading

It’s been a rough beginning to the new year in the world of romantic fiction. The Romance Writers of America has had some recent struggles regarding calling out racism and balancing criticism (I won’t go into details here, but the info is out there if you want to research). AsContinue Reading

Chasing Forever, the audiobook, is available now! I’m so excited about this. Narrator Geoffrey Boyes has done a marvelous job, and he’s hard at work on Running Home. If you’re an Amazon person, you can use WhisperSync so you can read then listen then read then listen then read thenContinue Reading

All the Days After, 1st in the Foothills Romance Series is out December 20, 2019. I had a lot of fun with this one. One of those that was bouncing around in my thick skull until it flew onto the pages. A relaxed pace, focusing more on deep character development.Continue Reading

Running Home A Beachside Romance, Book 2 Available now at your favorite online retailer in paperback and ebook. Once you’ve enjoyed it, if you don’t mind, leave me an honest review on your retailer’s website (GoodReads too if you’d like!). My editor, and dear friend, shared the best compliment aContinue Reading