Sneaky Peek at Wildest

The Demon Hunters concept started from a dream. I woke up one morning in 2019, adrenaline still coursing through my veins as if I'd experienced a journey across the Gulf of Alaska and defeated a massive demon together with my husband. As said husband rubbed his eyes, not quite ready…

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Hiding Away is on the way.

At last, Aiden's story. Aiden McAllister is a sucker for a wounded bird. Natalie would kick his ass if he hinted he thought of her that way.

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Six has been deployed.

23.03.2020. Fate sucks. Even demon hunters deserve a little normal. Available now - an action-packed steamy paranormal romance.

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Social distancing.

Weird, weird times. Not to stress anyone out... we're all stressed enough. But here we are anyway. It's on your mind. It's on my mind. COVID-19. Thanks to everyone that is following the WHO, CDC, and local health departments on what you can do to help. My spouse and I…

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The Nuances of Writing, according to a Budding Romance Novelist

A few brief, random, and utterly odd thoughts on the secret life of a budding writer. Cover design. Love it. I've always loved design and am honing my skills. What's weird? From new indie to NY and USA Today bestsellers with impressive contracts, most cover images are pulled from the…

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