I’m holding out on facebook, twitter, the lot of them… for now. I know it’s inevitable. But – you can connect on GoodReads and BookBub! Reviews on your retailer are the best way to spread the word about your readingContinue Reading

Didn’t win a free copy of Chasing Forever on the recent Goodreads giveaway? Stay tuned! Price reduced to $0.99 for a limited time, in anticipation of Running Home’s impending release… Yes, it’s a classic sales tactic. Get you hooked onContinue Reading

Enter to win on Goodreads for a free copy of this amazon ebook today! Enter by August 29, 2019. First-come, first-serve free giveaway on Smashwords through August 20, 2019. Get your copy before they run out. Use the code XL68RContinue Reading

Chasing Forever is now on GoodReads, which will link you to many of the retailers that carry the book. This is also a great site to stay up to date on Carrie’s latest releases and leave your review (in additionContinue Reading

Running Home (2nd in the Beachside Romance Series) is available for pre-order now at most ebook retailers. As of 9/9/19 – the print book is now available! At minimum, available at Amazon, but is also available for expanded distribution, soContinue Reading