Peace & Love

It's been a rough beginning to the new year in the world of romantic fiction. The Romance Writers of America has had some recent struggles regarding calling out racism and balancing criticism (I won't go into details here, but the info is out there if you want to research). As a genre, romance has evolved so much since the twentieth century. Feminism, romance for LGBTQ individuals, elimination of racism... movement towards equality for ALL has been huge, and I love the spectacular inclusivity the genre has found. Most of all, I hope we can move forward together, to build an inclusive, equal world of romantic fiction for all.

There's a long way to go. Racism, bigotry of any kind, have NO place in the genre (and the world for that matter!!!). I am one small voice in the crowd, but I wanted to share my thoughts for those of you that are interested.

As of today (1/2/20), I have not given up on RWA, as I am tenaciously optimistic and hope we, as writers passionate about our field, can rebuild a better, inclusive, prejudism-free organization. I won't hesitate to depart if the organization does not take massive actions towards repairing the damage done, not just masking over, but making amends and building a better organization.

I remain hopeful that as, well, people, as human beings, that we can help each other to eliminate racism and prejudism of all kinds. Peace, love, understanding, equality - those are some pretty fantastic notions. Together, let's continue to fight for everyone's rights, through conversation and compassion. I am a woman, a mother, a healthcare professional, and a novelist. I am one more voice in the crowd that will never stop doing what I can to ensure equality reigns.

Thanks for being another voice in the crowd with me. Every voice matters.

~ Carrie