Random thought on steaminess

Random thought on steaminess

I was reading a review that got me thinking. How much steaminess is too much? How much is too little?

Everyone has entirely different taste on the subject, I suppose. But it also comes down to your mood. Honestly, mine depends on my stress level, how sleepy I am, and the time of the month. Sometimes I'll thumb through when the steamy scenes get excessive. Other times, I'll skip past the story to get to the steamy scenes.

I LOVED several of Nichole Van's stories, and they don't really get past the kissing bits. Whereas, I may read a book and get to the end I actually pout, thinking, wait, that's it? Did I waste my time on a book without a single steamy scene?

When I read Jill Shalvis, Barbara Longley, and Susan Mallery, I usually get just the right amount, but every so often,, when I've fallen head-over-heels for the characters, I want just one more. Sarah Maclean usually nails it (pun intended). I really tried to read Fifty Shades of Gray, but it just didn't grab me, but, would it have been too much if I liked the characters more?

Maybe it's all about the details of the scenes more than the number? Quality vs quantity? I still remember reading Marie Harte's,  A Sure Thing,  more than once, due to the quality AND quantity. I really ought to look into more of hers. Actually, I really need to leave a review on that one. Why have I only read one of hers? I guess I'll have to start following her.

Where's the happy middle? A few nearlies leading up to the big bang, then a few glossed over scenes after? What if you really just want one more steamy scene?

Okay, that's my ramble for the day. Food for thought. I'm not one to track comments (more policework than I have time for), so I'll let you stew on this one on your own.