Social distancing.

Social distancing.

Weird, weird times.

Not to stress anyone out... we're all stressed enough. But here we are anyway. It's on your mind. It's on my mind. COVID-19.

Thanks to everyone that is following the WHO, CDC, and local health departments on what you can do to help.

My spouse and I are "essentials" (I'm thinking that's a great premise for a crazy dystopian novel on the concept of "essentials" when this scare is not quite so fresh!). So, we're working full time with the worry of what the future will hold. The kids are home and getting cabin fever. As a healthcare worker, will I be diverted out of my normal role to face the crisis? (as always, keep mum on my secret identity)

Again, lots of stress and unknown. Where do we turn for comfort? Each other (via phone, email, etc... adhering to appropriate social distancing and quarantine!!). Our gardens. Our indoor exercise equipment (my poor elliptical isn't going to make it if I keep this up!). And... romantic fiction. Happily ever after is freaking awesome right now. 

Writing has helped me cope. If you're ahed of the game and already joined the newsletter, you were already gifted a free copy of Running Home, no strings attached, as well as a link for free review copies of Six.

Just trying to do my part, to make everything a little more tolerable:

Hang in there. Now is a good time to be kind, patient, and caring. And, to revel in a little downtime at home.

~ Carrie