Enjoy listening to tunes while you read? Ever wonder what tunes an author is rocking out to when writing that fight scene or that steamy scene? Think a scene is calling out for an 80's montage? Okay, so maybe you haven't pictured the 80's montage, but I've always wanted to make one. Music to compliment the book... or your mood.

These are updated now and again, especially those in process, both even those you've read too many times to count are updated now and again, so stay tuned ;).


~ Carrie 

Click on the image to be whisked away to the playlist on Spotify. Once there, you can click Follow if you'd like to listen again and again. 

Quick disclaimer that I'm totally making up, as I was a crappy lawyer in a past life ;)… these playlists are just for fun. I'm not getting anything from these (although, Spotify, if you'd like to pay me, I'm game!). I don't know these artists and know nothing about their beliefs or politics, and, quite frankly, I don't even listen to lyrics that closely, I'm more about the way it makes me feel. My books and this music have NO professional, financial, or social association; I just liked the music and felt the moods matched. 

I wish I could make these readily available for those not on Spotify, but I'm just not that technologically savvy.

Again, these are just for fun!!!