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Playing on your phone? Waiting on something? Waking up or about to fall asleep? (Although you shouldn’t be on your phone for that. Really, it’s not good sleep hygiene). Too restless to get into a book or unsure what to read next? 

Try out some personality quizzes (or quiz, singular, more are in the works), listen to curated playlists, find something to read, or take a peak behind the scenes. 

Who doesn’t love quizzes? Right? Ever expanding, the Thorny Book Boyfriend Quiz will help you find your bed partner for tonight… you know, what book you want to read?

Boyfriends not your thing? Not to worry, Which Character Are You and Book Girlfriend are coming… eventually… when spare time comes knocking. 

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Music lifts us up, calms us down, sets the mood. Writers build playlists for everything. See what Carrie’s listening to.

Disclaimer: Carrie has no affiliation with anyone involved with these playlists, not the artists, producers, apps, etc. As in, these are playlists just like you build. For fun. Nothing official. Phew, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s rock some tunes together!

Every story has a story behind the story. Each character has an origin. Read a teaser from here. Skip to the juicy At-First-Site scene – was it love at first site, that other L-word, frenemies, friends, acquaintances? 

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