Looking to vacation in Romancelandia? Take a ride with Carrie Thorne into epic worlds of demon hunters falling head over heels into true love while battling the forces of evil, find trouble with the McAllisters of Maine, or sip your coffee while watching the sun rise in the small mountain town of Foothills in the Pacific Northwest. Escapism at its best, in action-packed adventure or a slow burn love story, Carrie Thorne's romances are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook at your favorite retailers.

2021 Action:

The Next Day is out and ready for your reading pleasure... and for the passionate artist that finds everything she shouldn't want in the brooding Ex-Navy SEAL in this small town, steamy contemporary romance.

Unstoppable demon hunter Bennett finds his second chance romance with the vampire that got away in Changed, but not before he becomes something impossible.

This fall, A Day Late digs deeper into small town, steamy contemporary romance with a hopeless romantic that falls for his brother's fiancée.

And when you're looking for that after-Christmas read, a divorcing blogger indulges in a rebound with an injured football-player-turned bartender in A New Day.

photo credit: Carrie Thorne
photo credit: Carrie Thorne

About Carrie

Carrie Thorne enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach... oh wait, not that sort of about ;). Seriously, Carrie is incredibly normal. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her amazing kids, goofy dogs, and her own happily ever after romance novel hero (aka her husband). She loves spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

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All series, all standalones. Steamy. Happily ever after.

Engaging characters. Witty banter. Blazing hot chemistry. Addicting stories.

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It begins with a Navy SEAL trying to find his way as he returns to civilian life. It ends with crispy bacon. Somewhere in the middle, with a kiss over the river, then steaming up the dressing room, Asher falls for his bridezilla sister's off-limits best friend.

Demon Hunters

A vicious monster. A fate foretold generations ago. A badass demon hunter on a Coast Guard vessel. A snarky slayer with amnesia. An epic kraken battle. Storms and vampires and beer. A little arm-wrestling. Some against-the-door action. Thrilling twists.


Coming home to the woman he never had the guts to ask out, Chase thought calm and quiet awaited him. But nothing's simple when Maddy's involved. Sparks fly. Things steam up. She kicks some ass. He goes on a rampage to get her back.

Your Carrie Thorne Guarantee

» Romance. Duh.

» Enjoyable, relatable, strong characters.

» Steamy, but readable in public. Probably. I wouldn't recommend reading them to your kids though.

» Standalones, whether part of an addicting series or an actual standalone.

» Carrie believes that love and happily ever afters are for everyone.

» There are only so many tropes out there, but Carrie manages to find a fresh spin.

» Carrie had a lot of fun writing it, and hopes you'll have a lot of fun reading it.

» Happily. Ever. After.