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Rebound Rules were made to be Broken.

A relationship is lowest on Haley’s list of priorities when she moves home to Foothills, but a rebound…

Pro football player Finn’s had a lot of heartbreak the last year, and isn’t ready for anything serious. But a summer fling…

Love is the Adventure...
But a good story helps

Looking to vacation in Romancelandia? Take a ride with Carrie Thorne into epic worlds of demon hunters falling head over heels into true love while battling the forces of evil, find trouble with the McAllisters of Maine, or sip your coffee while watching the sun rise in the small mountain town of Foothills in the Pacific Northwest. Escapism at its best, in action-packed adventure or a slow burn love story, Carrie Thorne’s romances are available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook at your favorite retailers.


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Carrie Thorne

Carrie Thorne

Carrie Thorne enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach... Oh wait, not that sort of about ;). Seriously, Carrie is incredibly normal. She lives in the middle of the forest in the Pacific Northwest with her amazing kids and her own happily ever after romance novel hero (aka her husband). She loves spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

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Download a copy of any Carrie Thorne epub, pdf, or mobi at your favorite retailer! Or, read it for free at your local library (Not there? Request it and most librarians are happy to find new authors).