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What's Cookin'...

If you've enjoyed spending time in the quaint town of Seaview, Maine, stay tuned for the latest in the series. Hiding Away is due out in October 2020.

Available for your reading pleasure... All the Days After. 1st in the new Foothills Series, set in the Cascade foothills outside of Seattle, a contemporary romance series. Soon, I'll get working on Zane's story, which I anticipate will be out in 2021... unless the writing fairy splashes a little dust on my noggin.

Available now! Six, a new demon hunter series. I don't stray too far into the paranormal, but who can resist sexy vampires and badass but loveable demon hunters???

You're probably thinking, I thought Carrie wrote contemporary suspense or general contemporary. Well, yeah, I do! But... I love SO MANY subgenres!

Your Carrie Thorne Guarantee...

  • Romance. Duh.
  • Relatable characters.
  • Happily Ever After.
  • Standalones, whether part of an addicting series or an actual standalone.
  • Steamy but readable in public.

Plenty more to come! I have so many stories just waiting to come to life. I also LOVE contemporary, fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, time travel, regency, vampires...

Check out a sneak peek of what I'm working on now!

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