It’s the Next Day

Dawn of a new day, right? As we move into 2021, hope is not just on the horizon, but is officially here. A long way to go, but that feeling that everything is going to be okay? I can taste it. Although, a white blanket of snow would brighten myContinue Reading

Love at… not first sight.

Blast from the past. Or not so distant past. Last winter, Ronan McAllister came back to town. Broken. Exhausted. Not the man he wanted to be. Payson Roberts was ready to find the one. Not exactly the set up for true love. A wee bit obsessed with James Bond (dashing,Continue Reading

Get it While it’s Hot

Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Google Play Kobo Smashwords Bookshop Other (via Books2Read) What better way to throw out the old year and bring in the new? All the Days After on MEGA-SALE. Okay, it sounds cooler when cool words like MEGA-SALE are involved, right? Either way – BIG featureContinue Reading

Let’s Get Wildest

Sample Wildest, the latest in the Demon Hunter Romance Series. Read with caution, it’s tough to put down.Continue Reading

Love is the adventure... but a good story helps.

photo credit: Carrie Thorne
photo credit: Carrie Thorne

About Carrie

Carrie Thorne enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach... oh wait, not that sort of about ;). Seriously, Carrie is incredibly normal. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her amazing kids, goofy dogs, and her own happily ever after romance novel hero (aka her husband). She loves spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

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Your Carrie Thorne Guarantee.

        • Romance. Duh.
        • Enjoyable, relatable, strong characters.
        • Steamy, but readable in public. Probably. I wouldn't recommend reading them to your kids though.
        • Standalones, whether part of an addicting series or an actual standalone.
        • Carrie believes that love and happily ever afters are for everyone.
        • There are only so many tropes out there, but Carrie manages to find a fresh spin.
        • Carrie had a lot of fun writing it, and hopes you'll have a lot of fun reading it.
        • Happily. Ever. After.  


Settle in with a soothing cup of coffee and watch the sunrise in this contemporary romance series set outside Seattle, nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Demon Hunters

Plucky badass heroes. Bad guys that aren't so bad, good guys that aren't so good. Demon hunters, werewolves, vampires, special forces guy. And characters that resonate, quirky and brainy and real.


The McAllister siblings seem to always find themselves in the crosshairs, but they're not alone. Get lost in love and adventure in the quaint town of Seaview, Maine.