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Carrie Thorne is the author of refreshingly original, adventurous romance with relatable characters, quippy banter, and settings that come to life. Her books have climbed the bestseller pages and received rave reviews. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her incredible kids, husband, and scruffy little rescue mutt. Whenever possible, she’s sitting by the fire with her feet up, coffee poured, and writing.

Trending Titles

All the Days After

It begins with a Navy SEAL trying to find his way as he returns to civilian life. It ends with crispy bacon. Somewhere in the middle, with a kiss over the river, then steaming up the dressing room, Asher falls for his bridezilla sister’s off-limits best friend.



Unstoppable demon hunter. Hopeless Romantic. Lacks survival instincts.

When a demon hunter falls for a vampire, and becomes the center of the ultimate vampire prophecy.

A New Day

Rebounding from a bad marriage, interior design blogger Haley is set on keeping things simple. 

Recovering from loss and the end of his pro football career, Finn is content to tend bar at the family pub.

Astrid hates werewolves.

Or so she thought. All of her preconceived notions fly right out the window when she lays eyes on the well-built shifter. In the heart of Montana, resisting this pack alpha is more than the snooty demon hunter can resist.

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