photo credit: Mr. Thorne
photo credit: Mr. Thorne

Carrie Thorne writes sizzling romance. Resonating with relatable characters and captivating tales, her books have climbed the bestseller pages. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her incredible kids and husband, their two dogs, and writes from her spot in the hammock in the middle of the forest.

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Detailed Bio

Carrie Thorne

Carrie Thorne is rocking the world of romantic fiction with fresh takes on paranormal, contemporary, and action-packed romance, including irresistible heroes, engaging characters, and small towns you won't want to leave. Author of the bestselling series starter, All the Days After, Carrie's books are widely available at your favorite retailers. Her highly rated books have been featured on BookBub, Apple Books, and Amazon, and include former Navy SEALs finding their way in civilian life in the Pacific Northwest mountain town of Foothills, CIA and police action in coastal Maine, and demon hunters, shifters, and vampires battling the forces of evil.

Carrie's living her own happily ever after (with the inevitable ups and downs that go with it!) with her kids, husband, and dogs in the Pacific Northwest, working full time in healthcare, and always wishing the laundry would fold itself. When she’s not rocking the world of romantic fiction, she’s exploring the outdoors, travelling (or wishing she was), hanging out with her amazing family, or, quite frankly, she’s a total introvert and you can usually find her curled up in front of the fire or in the hammock with a romance novel.

Writing romance is Carrie’s not-so-guilty pleasure. She believes in writing genuine and strong characters, promoting positive ideals, that love and happily ever afters are for everyone, kindness is everything, and she cannot resist a zinging romance.

Accolades from reviewers on goodreads:

"I cannot gush and fangirl over Carrie Thorne enough." - Kim, reader review on goodreads

"Carrie Thorne does an amazing job developing characters you care about, creating worlds you want to be a part of, and combing romance with action!" - Jay, reader review on goodreads

"Carrie Thorne continues to be one of my favorite authors." - Ann H, reader review on goodreads

"Carrie Thorne always writes a beautiful story." - Nancy R, reader review on goodreads

"It is amazing how Thorne can create so many friend and family dynamics without losing sight of the main couple. She makes the town and people so amazing I wish I lived inside her books!"  - Jay, reader review on goodreads

"I'm grateful to add another 'reliable' author to my list." - Deonne L, reader review on goodreads

Accolades from critical reviews:

"The best mix of love and war, werewolf, and demon hunter style. A must-read!" - Nikki Libby, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery

"Carrie Thorne’s well-developed characters were easy to empathize with, and I found myself smiling as I read, their happy moments feeling like my own. All of the characters were impressively unique with consistent yet dimensional personalities. Though her appearance was brief, I particularly enjoyed Freya’s outspoken (and inappropriate) aunt. The moments of comedic relief had me laughing out loud and the touches of mystery and wondering how everything would unfold kept me turning the pages, all of which created an immersive story. ." - Mary S, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery

"It’s rare to find a romance novel that begins with steamy, sexual chemistry and evolves into a truly heartwarming love story. The Next Day by Carrie Thorne is one of those rare finds." - Mary S, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery

"Thorne hits this sweet spot with convincing authenticity, in this highly original tale." - Nicola O, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery

"For me though, the true test of any kind of romance, paranormal or other, is the characters. Ryan and Quinn light up the pages. They're three-dimensional, confident, but have flaws and vulnerabilities, and for the most part they deal with their issues like grown-ups. The dialog is snappy and natural. The main characters have great chemistry, both professional as they work together to bring down bad guys, emotionally as they get to know each other, and sexually -- the love scenes are explicit and hot." - Nicola O, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery

"A modern classic romance, where the heroine emerges from a tough childhood, and falls in love with the forbidden brother of her best friend." - - Margret Nur, critical review originally published on Reedsy Discovery