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Carrie Thorne

Carrie's living her own happily ever after (with the inevitable ups and downs that go with it!) with her kids, husband, and dogs in the Pacific Northwest, working full time in healthcare, and always wishing the laundry would fold itself. When she’s not rocking the world of romantic fiction, she’s exploring the outdoors, travelling (or wishing she was), hanging out with her amazing family, or, quite frankly, she’s a total introvert and you can usually find her curled up in front of the fire or in the hammock with a romance novel.

Writing romance is Carrie’s not-so-guilty pleasure. She believes in writing genuine and strong characters, promoting positive ideals, that love and happily ever afters are for everyone, kindness is everything, and she cannot resist a zinging romance.

Carrie Thorne is the pen name of a very normal, although I think a fun, human being.

Shh!! I'm Incognito 😉

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