Fate sucks. Even demon hunters deserve a little normal.

Terrible conditions, yeah, he’d expected that. Rocky outcrops, fierce winds, unpredictable currents… Flights of sharp and awkwardly angled stairs. Darkness. Finally, a beautiful but vicious monster with squiddy, hydra-style arms of steel, with a shriek that pierces directly into your brain. Oh yeah, and she’s determined to blast a tear in the veil between our world and the realm of demons, thereby unleashing thousands of monsters that would inevitably wipe out life as we know it. As nightmarish as one could imagine.

Demon hunting isn’t just Quinn Fischer’s job, but her birthright. With her plucky team at her side, she’s ready to take on anything fate may throw at them. Until one recon mission doesn’t go so hot…

Ryan Hunt is a burned-out demon hunter with a violent past. Thanks to a clever captain’s response to a growing threat around the Bering Sea, he finds a way to use his skills on a top-secret Coast Guard crew assigned to protect the waters around Alaska.

When Quinn splashes into the Arctic just off of USCG Cutter Valkyrie’s bow, Ryan knows exactly what she is, and why he shouldn’t trust her. Unfortunately for Quinn, she doesn’t have a clue who she is, but she knows the chemistry with Ryan is off the charts. Who gets amnesia anyway? Such a cliché.

Fate, destiny, coincidence… whatever nonsense brought them together just might tear them apart. Start reading today; this paranormal romance series will leave you deliciously satisfied… and eager for more.

Whatever her story before, it was so clearly written ahead of her. Like a question nagging in her mind before, she had her answer... Even though she couldn’t remember what the question was.
Hell, the air in the two-foot radius around Quinn smelled sweeter than the crisp, fresh ocean air he reveled in, and he wanted to breathe her every moment of the day.

Bite my *ss Lord Byron, he thought to himself as he stalked into the mess. He grabbed a cup of coffee, stuffed down a breakfast sandwich in four bites as he poured an extra cup, then dashed up to the bridge.
Whatever fate, whatever crap had written in the stars that he’d create a demon hybrid with Quinn, destined to save the world… he knew they had something extraordinarily ordinary too. Knew they were just a normal pair of people that wanted life and laughter and love. Whatever divine intervention may have written that they should be together couldn’t possibly have written how well they’d actually like each other.
"When has your pulse ever burned when I walked into a room? That you swept me off my feet and needed to make love to me with frenzied urgency? I think…” Her feet froze and she turned back toward him again. “We’re boring.” She knew it sounded a bit poetic, but for someone to crush one of the universe’s most powerful demons in a love foretold for generations… a little passion made for a more compelling story.
No sleep. Vice around his heart. He wasn’t opposed to self-medicating with a little violence.
“Ah, god, that’s so gross,” Ryan griped and grumbled as he lay flat on the deck, reluctant to even move, his body heavy from the nasty goo.

Demon hunting was not as glamorous as it sounded. He’d ended up covered in disgusting, other-worldly guts too many times.

Spectacularly freezing, high pressured spray blasted from the deck hose, washing him clean like a painful, ice cold shower. Turning his head towards the bearer of the hose, he saw Kyle grinning from ear to ear in impish satisfaction. “You love telling me to clean the deck. Just anticipating your orders, Sir.”

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Whatever her story before, it was so clearly written ahead of her. Like a question nagging in her mind before, she had her answer... Even though she couldn’t remember what the question was.