Carrie Thorne

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>> Plucky heroes.
>> Bad guys that aren't so bad.
>> Good guys that aren't so good.
>> Demon Hunters. Shifters. Vampires. Special Forces.
>> Characters that resonate. Quirky. Snarky. Brainy. Real.

A Demon Hunter Romance Series

A vicious monster. A fate foretold generations ago. A badass demon hunter on a Coast Guard vessel. A snarky slayer with amnesia. Epic battles, a little arm-wrestling, some against-the-door action.
When a feral werewolf army threatens Bodie's pack in the heart of Montana, he'll do anything to protect them, even call on demon hunters for help.
Unstoppable. Stubborn. Built. Sappy romantic. Risking her heart for the demon hunter that seems designed to destroy her? No fricking way.
Special forces, best of the best, leader of the military's most secret unit, Archer will find a way. Best of the best? Ha. Lana Fischer's demon hunting team holds that title, and double the secrecy.

A Demon Hunter Romance Reading List

1. Six

March 23, 2020

2. Wildest

December 26, 2020

2.5 Finite

Short story. Limited availability, with subscription.

3. Changed

June 21, 2021

4. Echo

March 29, 2022

5. TBD

Many more to come! Vann is on the way, Blayk, Skye, Noah, Isla... Epic ;).

Free Short

This is Adair's brother's story. Finite actually came before the demon hunter series and was an incomplete novella, but time slipped away and this became a short, because it had to be shared. Finite melded ridiculously well with the demon hunter series, as Adair was meant to be with Bennett from the beginning.
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