Chasing Forever 12-13-19 ebook cover

A Beachside Romance Series: Book 1

Chasing Forever

Burning off the rage of his youth as a deep-sea diver, Chase Anderson was ready to head home to the quaint coastal town of Seaview, Maine. A lot can change in a decade, but not his sizzling attraction to Maddy McAllister.

Running from her own demons, in the form of a devastatingly terrible relationship, Maddy has made a life for herself as respected member of the Seaview Police Department. Still jaded from her past, Maddy isn’t ready to risk her body, or her heart.

When Maddy’s ex-boyfriend-turned-stalker returns to reclaim her and crush everything she cares about, her world just might be torn apart.

And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

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Chasing Forever, the Audiobook now available!

Cleverly narrated by Geoffrey Boyes, with a delicious Australian accent you'll want to listen to all day.

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Chasing Forever 12-18-19 audiobook cover

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Running Home ebook cover 1-4-20

A Beachside Romance Series: Book 2

Running Home

A tenacious optimist. A broken spy. Explosive chemistry.

Caught in a web of secrets and lies, Ronan McAllister is forced into retirement from the CIA and returns to his hometown. While his family welcomes him home with open-arms, he struggles to leave his past behind through the thick fog of PTSD.

Payson Roberts is mostly content with her quiet life in the quaint town of Seaview. Ever the optimist, she is determined to find the one, but her fruitless search is starting to wear down her eternally sunny demeanor. As a favor to her best friend, and against her better judgment, she agrees to hire her friend’s irritable, jackass of a brother to help out around her beloved antique shop.

Incendiary sparks fly. Ronan pushes the fairy-eyed Payson away with insults and offense to save her from himself. But, can Ronan protect Payson from the dangers of his past?

Get lost and fall in love again in the small town of Seaview, Maine. Romance and international espionage ignite in this captivating and enchanting contemporary romance. Yes, you can read this as a standalone - again and again if desired ;).

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Hiding Away Cover - 10-4-19

A Beachside Romance Series, Book 3

Hiding Away

Not what she seems to be, Natalie is hiding in Seaview to keep the secret she holds out of the wrong hands.

Aiden McAllister is just in it for fun... until things get dicey.


Available in 2020

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