Carrie Thorne

Chasing Forever

A second chance romance.
Suspense. Small town.

Fall in love with the McAllisters of Seaview, Maine in the 1st of this contemporary romance series with plenty of sweet, steamy, and a dash of suspense.

Resilient to the core, Maddy McAllister has worked hard to overcome losing everything to her abusive ex. But when he comes back with plans to win her back at any cost, while destroying the town that turned their back on him, Maddy has to face her past head-on.

No stranger to danger, former deep-sea diver Chase Anderson will be there for Maddy every step of the way – if she’ll let him. Passion ignites when these two reunite and can no longer ignore the sparks between them.

When Maddy’s past threatens to crush everything she cares about, her world is turned upside down. And, maybe that’s not a bad thing…

Movement coming from the kitchen stopped her in her tracks. She could sense him before she saw him, her spidey senses on alert.

No one else made her heart thunder quite so rapidly. Her heart leapt into her throat. Words… and, well, the ability to think entirely, flew right out of her brain as she saw him come around the corner. She hadn't seen Chase in over a decade, and here he was, walking right out of her parent's kitchen like he owned the place. Never lacked for confidence, that one.
Payson's hand shot up, her finger raised between them, "Wait, what? Maddy, you didn't tell me Chase was your first kiss."

And now she was officially embarrassed.

Aiden fired back, and would have jumped out from his seat if Payson hadn’t held him by the arm, "What? That was your first? Chase, what the...? That's my sister."

Chase shook his head at his friend and smiled innocently, "Which is why I saved her from herpes. Your sister. My friend. Thought you'd thank me for that." He smugly grinned as he took a swig of his own beer.
Although she appreciated the nice set-up, her eyes were locked onto Chase, standing casually in the middle of the garage. Thick arms across his chest, he raised one eyebrow as Maddy came into view. He wore a sleeveless old black t-shirt with gray cut-off sweats hung low over his hips. The corner of his mouth was raised in an expression somewhere between a question and a satisfied grin. He tilted his head, "Is there a problem, officer?"
Stupid. He shouldn’t have pushed, not with everything going on in their lives right now. He knew she was scared. He didn’t blame her. Her longest relationship was stalking her and expressing his intentions for her new boyfriend to be very dead. Not a good time, he got that.

He pulled on a McAllister Fisheries black t-shirt and padded across the bedroom carpet. He needed to think about something else before it drove him crazy. Thinking about the what-ifs. If she didn’t feel the same way about him. If she wouldn’t let him in.
She drew the line at wearing a sundress to install a dishwasher in a short skirt. Practicality won out. She settled on some ripped up old skinny jeans and a t-shirt.

When the bell rang at 7:45, Maddy nearly bounced her way to the front door. And… opened it to find Aiden standing there holding a brown paper bag. Chase stood right behind him, looking remarkably sheepish.

"Coffee, Sis? If I'm getting up this early on a Saturday, there'd better be coffee." Why was Aiden irritated with her? It's not like she'd invited him. Aiden grouchily brushed past and headed for the kitchen.

Maddy stopped Chase in the doorway and quietly teased, "Call for reinforcements?"


What people are saying about Chasing Forever

"This story was like sinking into a lounge chair, and enjoying a beautifully reflected, painted picture of a heart warming coastal town.

The peace and tranquility of the characters, and the storyline was palpable."

Reader Review

"Amazing characters and a well developed storyline. Love the bits of humor woven in. This book is like a warm sunrise. A wonderful start to a new series. So well done. Realistic. I feel like I’m living the story right next to the characters. There is a dark thread woven through that adds so much more to the story. Seriously an amazingly well written book. I absolutely loved it."

Reader Review

What a way to tell his friend he'd had the hots for his sister. Although, it was really lucky he wasn't here fifteen minutes earlier - Chase, Chasing Forever