Blast from the past. Or not so distant past. Last winter, Ronan McAllister came back to town. Broken. Exhausted. Not the man he wanted to be. Payson Roberts was ready to find the one. Not exactly the set up forContinue Reading

Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Google Play Kobo Smashwords Bookshop Other (via Books2Read) What better way to throw out the old year and bring in the new? All the Days After on MEGA-SALE. Okay, it sounds cooler when coolContinue Reading

I know I want it… Order Now Finally here. Some books fly onto the page. Others, well, they take a bit more time. I honestly cannot tell you why it took a year and a half to write Hiding Away.Continue Reading

Down to the fun distractions. Six is on sale. Buckle up for a sneaky peek! Coast Guard Vessel Valkyrie, Two Miles Northwest of Wainwright, Alaska. Tonight. A chill breeze whistled through the open window. Patrolling the eerily calm Arctic waters,Continue Reading

Okay. So it’s still 2020. There must be good things in 2020. I know some great people that have had babies and gotten married and had some special times this year. My plan had been to mention a discount inContinue Reading

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The Demon Hunters concept started from a dream. I woke up one morning in 2019, adrenaline still coursing through my veins as if I’d experienced a journey across the Gulf of Alaska and defeated a massive demon together with myContinue Reading