Hiding Away - 11/2020

At last, Aiden's story.

I already know and love Aiden. Natalie's been a mystery. I've known for a while where Hiding Away is going, but it's the challenge and thrill of letting the story grow and evolve that amazes me.

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Wildest - 12.26.2020

Studious yet badass demon hunter, Astrid, must take on her least favorite enemy... or so she thought. Pleasantly surprised, Astrid discovers she was completely uninformed about werewolves. Bodie is not at all what she expected. Not smelly at all, actually, he's sweet, upstanding, and downright hot.


“As the wolf, I am a wolf, with a man flowing through my veins. As the man, I am a man, with the heart of a wolf. The space between is chaos, anger, as the man and wolf battle for a dominance that neither will win. Some like the power of it, the constant adrenaline rush.”


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The Next Day - March 2021

What do you do when your future is wide open? Scarier than the f***ing Navy, that's for damn sure.

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