A Day Late

Fall 2021... maybe sooner 😉

Grady Mallory is a disaster at relationships. Or, well, at starting them. He always manages to move too late or too slow or fall for absolutely the wrong woman. You know, the sort that is committed to someone else, such as his brother's fiancée.

Claire is finally done with her veterinary medicine program and is thrilled to go on vacation to Foothills with her boyfriend, Ryder Mallory, to "meet the parents." Turns out, when you're both working your butts off and never see each other, you may not have noticed that you haven't had a meal together in weeks, forgot the other's birthday, and haven't had sex in months. Stuck in a pretentious mansion with a snooty mother-in-law and a man you don't like as well as you thought... and finding out the love of your life isn't the guy you came with, but his brother? Worst and best vacation ever


Rebound rules were made to be broken

Coming in 2022... maybe sooner 😉

Grady's little sister has had it with the pompous jerk she married. Catching him with her "best friend" rather crossed the line, to say the least. A relationship is lowest on her list of priorities when she moves home to Foothills, but a rebound...

Professional football player Finn Halseth's life has gone to crap in the last six months. He's not looking for anything serious, but a summer fling...