280 Days

1 Night. 9 Months. Forever.

Missing his flight, speeding into his sister’s wedding in the nick of time, Ryder Mallory is living up to everyone’s expectations. Busy. Workaholic. Not a family guy.

Her brother’s wedding is the sweetest. Seriously. But it’s another milestone their mom is missing, and she would have been the weepiest, most florally lovely mother-of-the-groom. Having her childhood crush show up, looking better than ever… and checking her out?

Neither has any expectations beyond that night. IUD failure? Well that wasn’t Zoe’s plan. Ryder isn’t about to miss out on what turns out to be the best bad luck he’s ever had.


Ruthless vampire sire. Warrior before he was changed. Desperately in love with a demon hunter.

Half a millennia of bloodsucking and dominating the vampire world. Blayk was a natural vampire, a ruthless, charming fighter before he was changed. 

Ellie Ward’s first crush was the sarcastic, Scottish-born vampire best friend of her brother and his wife. But the thing about vampires, is they aren’t the type to settle down with demon hunters. Not this one, anyway. So, a girl’s got to move on. 

There’s a reason we’re drawn to vampire romances. Holy effing hotness, Blayk is epically enthralling. Stay tuned to see if Blayk is your book soulmate.

Not to worry, Vann’s story is in the works. Not sure which will release first… And yes, this is your hint that the series continues with the next generation!

Untitled Fantasy Series

Think LOTR, GOT, Bridgerton, a dash of Outlander... but badass Carrie style.

Parallel worlds. Earth. And one filled with magic, myth, and impending war.

Follow at the descendants of the exiled three travel across realms to fulfill their destinies.

  1. A confident, modern woman with a broadsword shows those soldiers what’s what. 
  2. He was supposed to be the rogue, but he’s MIA before the mission even starts. [spoiler… they find him, and he’s already hard at work]. 
  3. Quirky chemists may actually be mages learning in a place where magic doesn’t exist. 
  4. When the sidekick becomes the hero, and the unmagical ruler is the strongest force in the realm.

Sounds heavy, yeah, but you know Carrie. There will be snark. Humor. Friendship. Steam. Action, adventure, and a tear or two, but a guaranteed happily ever after in every installment. An epic series that will carry you to worlds beyond. 

Stay tuned for more

Apologies that Carrie cannot write any faster. She's trying! So many stories, not enough time in the day.