Soothing sunrises, battling the forces of nature, exploring the rugged Cascades, sharing a pitcher at Ahab's Pub... Finding yourself and falling in love.

Foothills is where I want to spend my leisure time... what about you?

A Demon Hunter Romance

A team of plucky demon hunters born to keep the world safe from the monsters you've only heard stories about. Reluctant heroes. Monsters that aren't what they seem. Demon hunters, werewolves, vampires, military badasses… all the good stuff!

Did I mention, plenty of steamy, a dash of humor, a reasonable amount of action, and a desire to re-read each tale, over and over again? Get started... and be prepared for many more after these. 

A Beachside Romance Series

The McAllister siblings seem to attract trouble... while finding themselves embroiled in sizzling romance that'll make your toes curl and your brain go all fuzzy.

Get lost in love an adventure in the quaint town of Seaview, Maine. Relax in front of the fire as you watch the storms roll in, pick up a unique antique at Flotsam's, then raise a glass to your friends at Winter's.

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