New Feature: Book Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Who’s your book boyfriend? Try out our personality quiz!

One Friday morning, while the Thorne kids were doing their thing on Zoom, their mother was… I’m not going to say bored, as Carrie Thorne has too much on her plate to ever consider being bored… but she was not in the mood to do anything useful. And apparently, in such a goofy mood, that she began speaking in the third person (or what tense is it when I’m the narrator speaking about myself in the 3rd person? I blame AA Milne. My kids are in a Winnie the Pooh phase. And yes, they’re probably too old, but I love it).

Well, one thing led to another, and I realized that I have my own website, and a ton of amazing characters that I want to spend more time with. And who doesn’t enjoy fun quizzes? So, an idea became a thing. And then Friday turned into Saturday. And Sunday rolled around.

Long story not so short… introducing, Thorny Personality Quizzes! Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I’m planning to make more. As soon as I get the final edits in for Changed and nail Grady’s climax.

Time permitting, at minimum, quizzes for Book Girlfriend and Who Are You in the Thorny Universes are planned. Maybe some day, What Should I Read Next. And, if I miraculously win the lottery (or get my student loans paid off, you know, right around the time I’m ready to retire), more advanced and not-just-Thorny books included.

But to kick things off, without further ado… Who’s Your Thorny Book Boyfriend? (I’ve always wanted to use the word ado. Did you ever read or watch Much Ado About Nothing? One of my favorites)!

Enjoy! And, hey, this is new, or, well, I’m no genius programmer, so if you find any glitches (or typos) – let me know in the contact form!

~ Carrie

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